How to prepare for a phone interview

What do you need to do to nail that caregiver job phone interview?

Congrats on completing your screening on Levo, you have done a great job! Now that you are at this stage, we would love to share a few important tips so you can succeed in this interview.

Let's get it!

Confirm the details from the interview

You need to avoid showing up late or even, not showing up at all to the phone interview! This will not look good from an employment perspective. To prevent this, confirm and double-check the time and date of your interview. 

Try to write it down on a post-it note and add it to your Google Calendar if you use it.

Set a reminder on your Google Calendar. You will receive a notification that our call is soon.

If you received an email with the date of the interview, try to reply by asking about the phone interview. Ask questions like: who you will talk to, which areas you need to mention and how long the phone call will take.

If something pops up on the day of the interview with Levo, try to send us a text or email to reschedule the meeting.

Keep a clean personal image

Even if you are not going to be seen on video, you’ll need to sound fresh and professional during your interview. Try to get a good night's sleep, a glass of water to wake up your senses, and last but not least, wear a professional shirt. 

You need to have a good presence during the call, so this will help you to feel more professional.

No distractions

This is KEY! Try to get rid of all distractions that you can see or hear.

Turn off the TV, try to find a quiet place where nobody can interrupt you. Tell your family and friends that you will be unavailable for some time. 

If you don't pay attention to these things, this can be the difference between a dream job and a longer search.

Check your set-up

Don't forget to check your phone settings at least one hour before the phone interview. 

Make sure that your phone battery is charged, that the sound is working. And if you need to cancel the noise from outside, please move to a quiet room if you can. 

Turn off the silent mode on your phone so you can hear the notification when we call you.

“Oh sorry, I can't hear you well”

This is so important, remember to test your signal. 

We usually take this for granted, but it's time to start taking a look. If the conversation starts to cut and we can't hear you well, this will lead to extra stress, which will make you feel overwhelmed and nervous. This is not the way we want you to feel.  

We want you to feel comfortable, calm, and professional.

Get ready for the common interview questions

We want to get to know you better! Here's a brief list of general questions that we may ask you during our interview:

  1. What motivates you in this job?
  1. How did you find us?
  1. Tell us more about your experience
  1. What are your strengths
  1. Tell us more about yourself
  1. What are your weaknesses
If you can answer these questions well, you’ll be one step closer to a caregiver job! (Between you and me, everything else is a formality, get your documents in and fill out some forms and we’re good to go)

Active listening is an underrated skill

We appreciate it if you can actively listen when we share all of the main points related to the position with you. We will give you space for questions and for you to develop your answers, so don't feel like you have to rush!

Pay attention and try to answer yet you can with whatever answer you believe is right. We love it when candidates respect our time and also show interest in the conversation. Trust me, people like to be liked (including us!)

We want to be interviewed too!

Please don't be shy and ask us questions too. 

We like to share our history, our values, how we work, what we expect from our team, that sort of things. We want you to complete this interview with the answer to all your questions and without any lingering questions.

P.S. Remember to ask your questions at the end of the interview or when we give you the space for questions.

Don't act like anybody else, be YOU

And the most important tip, be yourself! We need you to be honest with us and be your true self. Life is too short to live for anybody else. Show us your authentic self and let us see your passion for becoming a caregiver.

We are so excited to make this interview happen!

With these specific and amazing tips in mind, you will succeed in that phone interview! We can’t wait to meet you.

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