Five areas employers can improve according to caregivers

Here at Levo, we've talked to over 5,000 caregivers. From talking to them, we've learned a lot about where employers can improve.

In this blog, we will talk about the top areas where employers can improve. These areas of improvement are: 

  1. Transparency about available cases
  2. Payroll
  3. Better resources for cases
  4. Professionalism and respect
  5. Communication

We will also talk about how agencies can improve in these areas.


Area of improvement #1: Transparency about available cases

Many agencies will hire caregivers and promise full time work. Unfortunately, caregivers often go long periods of time without having a case. Agencies also may only offer short hours. 

As a caregiver, this can be frustrating. You want to work full time and often. When agencies don't match you to a full-time case, you might be stuck with what to do.

We believe agencies should be transparent about available cases. If agencies are honest about how many clients they have, the benefits are that:

  • Caregivers won't be misled
  • Caregivers will know if they can work right away
  • Caregivers will know if they can work full time

With transparency, caregivers can choose to work for an agency if it offers the amount of work they want. This prevents any miscommunication.

How agencies can be more transparent about cases:

Agencies need to be more transparent about cases. There are a few things they can do to achieve this:

  • Tell caregivers average time to get matched to a case
  • Tell caregivers how many hours they will have to work
  • Do their best to quickly match caregivers to a case

If an agency does these things, they will be more transparent. Honesty is important. Misleading caregivers that they will be able to work more than they actually can is harmful. Agencies must be honest so that their caregivers work the amount they want. This way, caregivers can be sure to make the amount of money they need to cover their expenses.


Area of improvement #2: Payroll

Many agencies are not organized about their payroll. They may be late to pay caregivers. They may also not pay the correct amounts for overtime.

As a caregiver, this is frustrating. Caregivers want fair pay for their work. They should receive their payment on time. Caregivers should also receive the right amount of payment for overtime hours. The reason caregivers work overtime is to make extra money. So, not receiving the correct pay for overtime is frustrating.

Agencies should make sure:

  • They pay caregivers the correct amounts
  • That their payments are on a schedule 

For example, if an agency says they will pay every other Friday, they should make sure they do. They should also make sure that these are the correct payments for the hours a caregiver worked.

Caregivers have bills, as do all people. With payment that is incorrect or late, caregivers may miss bills. Missing bills when it is not their fault is frustrating. Agencies need to pay their caregivers when they say so caregivers don't miss payments. 

How agencies can improve their payroll:

Agencies need to improve their payroll. There are a few things they can do to achieve this:

  • Establish a regular payroll day (ie every other Friday)
  • Assign an employee or two at the agency to payroll as their job responsibility
  • Have someone double-check payroll
  • Communicate if payroll will be late, offering help to those who will struggle if so

If any agency does these things, they will improve their payroll. It is important that caregivers get their checks on time in the correct amounts. This way, they can make sure to stay on top of their bills. Caregiving is not a very high paying profession. A lot of the time, caregivers depend on their paycheck to keep the lights or hot water on at their houses.

If a paycheck is late or incorrect, it can be harmful to caregivers. They may get lights or water shut off or not be able to provide for their children/family as they had planned. Agencies must be very careful about having a good payroll system.


Area of improvement #3: Better resources for cases

Many agencies do not support caregivers with cases enough. It is important that agencies support caregivers so they can provide great care. Some caregivers will find that they have a difficult client or situation. This is why agencies need to support their caregivers with cases.

As a caregiver, feeling unsupported it not a good feeling. Caregivers should feel that they can talk to their employer when a case is difficult.  Reasons a case may be difficult are:

  • Because the client and caregiver don't get along
  • Because the client is too far away from a caregiver's home
  • Because the client has very poor health

These are some of the reasons a case may be difficult. There are other reasons why a case may be hard to manage. As a caregiver, you should not feel your case is too difficult. This is why agencies need to support their caregivers. They should offer better resources for cases. If they did this, caregivers would feel better supported.

How agencies can provide better resources:

Agencies need to provide better resources to caregivers. Ways they can do this are:

  • Check in on caregivers regularly about their clients
  • Provide awareness about burnout and how to combat it
  • Check in on caregivers regularly about their relationship with their client
  • Check in on caregivers regularly about their mental health

Any of these can go a long way to make caregivers feel supported. It is very important that caregivers feel supported. If they don't, they may feel stressed. Handling the difficulties of a client alone is hard. It is important agencies check in on caregivers and their clients. This way, caregivers will feel happier on the job.


Area of improvement #4: Professionalism and respect 

A lot of agencies do not show enough professionalism and respect. In conversations we've had at Levo, caregivers have said that agencies have been:

  • Rude
  • Dismissive

As a caregiver, when agencies are either of the above, it is frustrating. Caregivers try their best to provide good care. When an agency is rude it can be off-putting. It can make a caregiver feel down. Similarly, when an agency is dismissive, it makes a caregiver feel unworthy.

Agencies should do their best to be professional and respectful. If they can be kind and supportive their relationships with caregivers will improve. It is very important agencies are professional and respectful.

How agencies can be more professional:

Agencies need to be professional and respectful. Ways to do this are:

  • By training employees on respect
  • By being kind to all
  • By understanding that caregivers are eager to work and help out

When an agency is rude in the hiring process, it is unfortunate. Caregivers should not feel that an agency is rude. This makes them not want to work for a given agency. Being disrespectful will also make caregivers not want to work for a given agency. 

If agencies want to hire the best caregivers, they need to be respectful and professional. This will make caregivers feel supported. It will also let them know that the agency is a good agency to work for. It tells them they will be respected in the future.


Area of improvement #5: Communication

Caregivers have also said that agencies have had poor communication. Caregivers have said to struggle talking to agencies about:

  • Paperwork
  • Scheduling
  • Pay

When you cannot get through to someone at an agency for a concern, it is frustrating.  Talking to caregivers at Levo has let us know how difficult this can be. Agencies should do their best to improve their communication.

Once they do this, caregivers won't have to waste time frustrated. They will be able to fill out paperwork more quickly. They will also be able to schedule better and get their pay on time. This is better for agencies as well because there would be less issues.

Once agencies improve their communication, there will be many benefits.

How agencies can improve communication:

Agencies need to be good communicators. Ways they can improve on communication are:

  • Responding within 24 hours to emails from caregivers
  • Communicating when pay will be late
  • Having a good system for organizing paperwork

When an agency has bad communication, it is frustrating. Caregivers are often trying to work and understand what they need to do for work. If an agency is slow to help them understand, it is frustrating. Agencies should make sure to have the best communication they can. 

With better communication, it is better for everyone.



Agencies should do their best to improve in weak areas. The weak areas covered in this blog were:

  1. Transparency about available cases
  2. Payroll
  3. Better resources for cases
  4. Professionalism and respect
  5. Communication

If agencies can note that they are not good in these areas, they can begin to improve. Once they begin to improve, they will see more success for their agency.

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