5 traits of the best caregivers

5 Traits of the Best Caregivers 

If you're a caregiver right now or are looking to become one, it’s important to know what the 5 best traits of a caregiver are. Once you know these, then you can try to have these traits and be the best caregiver possible.

Below, we're going to describe the 5 best traits so that you can learn them and become an even better caregiver!


1. You ask for suggestions

One of the most important traits you can have as a caregiver is being someone who asks for suggestions.

As a caregiver, you can ask for suggestions from many people, including:

  • Your manager
  • Your client
  • Your client’s family

Asking for suggestions is especially important right when you start a new job. For example, some things you can do are: 

  • Ask your client’s family if the way you organized the kitchen is good for them 
  • Ask your client if the meal you made them was good
  • Ask your manager if they have any tips on how you could better organize your client’s medications

By asking anything like these questions above, you show that you’re someone who is open to improving. If you show you’re open to improving and open to getting suggestions from people, everyone you work with is going to be more satisfied with your work.


2. You're friendly to others

Another important trait to have as a caregiver is being friendly to everyone.

As a caregiver, the only people you really interact with, other than your client, is your manager, your client’s family, and potentially people who live near your client.

If you're someone who is friendly to your client’s family, then they will like you and be happy to know that their family member is in good hands. Additionally, if you're someone who is friendly to their manager, your manager will know that you're a good employee.

Being friendly to these people can look like:

  • Saying hello when you see them and asking how their day is
  • Asking if they have any weekend plans with family
  • Asking them (the family) if there is anything you could do that you might not be sure of 

By being friendly, caregivers will find that their client, their client’s family, and their manager respects them, which will make them feel satisfied with their job.

3. You're patient

One of the most important traits that the best caregivers have is that they're patient.

Working with people can be frustrating at times. For example, your client might have a day where they don't want to cooperate with you. Maybe they won't want to:

  • Get in the shower 
  • Eat the food you cook them 
  • Do the exercises they're supposed to do 

When this happens, it’s easy to get frustrated. The best caregivers, however, are very good at remaining patient when these things happen.

Instead of getting upset, the best caregivers will do their best to ask their client why they don’t want to do a certain thing and try to brainstorm the best ways to solve the situation.


4. You're organized

Another trait the best caregivers have is that they're very organized. When you're organized, then you will find your job to be much easier. 

For example, as a caregiver, you can organize:

  • Your client’s kitchen or bedroom
  • Your client’s laundry and clothes
  • Your client’s medicines/ pills

Another thing you can do is create a to-do list on paper or on your phone’s notes app to remind yourself what you should do each day. An example of a list like this is:

To-Do Every Day:

  • Bathe client
  • Make breakfast
  • Take client to bathroom after breakfast
  • Take client for walk
  • Make sure client took morning pills
  • Make lunch
  • Take client to bathroom after lunch
  • Make sure client took afternoon pills
  • Clean kitchen

By creating a list like this each day, you will make sure that all your to-do list items are completed and you can leave each shift knowing you did what you were supposed to do.


5. You're dedicated to your job

The final and most important common trait of the best caregivers is being dedicated to the job.

The best caregivers are people that truly care about making the life of their client great. they're people that do their best to be a great caregiver each day.

They also show up on time to the job each day ready to take on their daily tasks with a positive attitude.

Above all, they're people that are always looking to see how they can improve as a caregiver.



In order to be the best caregiver possible, it is important that you try your best to have the 5 traits of the best caregivers. As we just talked about above, if you:

1. Ask for suggestions

2. Are friendly to others

3. Are patient

4. Are organized

5. Are dedicated to your job


Then, you will find your client, your manager, and yourself being very happy about how you are as an employee.

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